Thor 155, 1968 

The Mighty Thor no.155, August 1968 by Marvel (indicia says Atlas Magazines). Cover by Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta. The epic continues. 

I can’t imagine being lucky enough to take this off the rack when it was first published. The twisted and grotesque Mangog looms over Thor with only his enchanted hammer between the universe and doom. 

The Warriors Three are pressed into battle against the menace of Mangog by Loki, now ruler over Asgard while Odin sleeps. Meanwhile, Mangog faces a trio of gargantuan Storm Giants, the size of which even Thor has not faced. With a single swipe of his armored claws, Mangog dispatches the Giants. 

A lonely Asgardian outpost is helpless against the fierce power of this monstrous engine of savage destruction. Mangog is at once an embodiment of Hatred, Vengeance, and War. At last, we discover the origin of this hideous being. An ancient race dared to invade Asgard. Before they were destroyed, they created Mangog as a vessel for their vengeance. “When my race was dying — they took the limitless strength of all the billions whom Odin had doomed — and they found a way to store that matchless power within one living being.” 

Finally with Sif recovered, Thor travels to Asgard. He witnesses Mangog shrug off the Odinian Force Arrow. Traveling as swiftly as he can, he encounters the last survivor of the carnage. The warrior, his strength fading fast, tells Thor that “Not all the fabled strength of Thor — nor a thousand such — can make him cancel half a step.” Chilling words indeed, but the fearless prince of Asgard doesn’t pause and races towards certain doom.


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