Thor 156, 1968

The Mighty Thor 156, September 1968 by Marvel. Cover by Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta. 

Thor starts this issue in the iron vise grip of Mangog’s armored claws. The Warriors Three come to Thor’s aid but none of them prove a match for the awesome power of Mangog. Thor unleashes his full array of powers like never before in a desperate gambit to hold the invincible creature at bay. Thor commands a tornado towards his foe only to watch Mangog expel the storm with a single furious blow. He says to Thor, “Thy limbs are weary…thy strength is spent…and the chill wind of fear doth travel across thine heart!” Thor produces lightning in torrents such that the very air ignites, the soil beneath their feet grows hot until the crust of the Earth cracks open, exposing a wound of molten rock. Still, Mangog lives, grabbing a handful of white-hot lava and hurling it at the Asgardians like a meteor. Thor’s hammer shatters the mountain that Mangog climbs. Then, the Son of Odin beings forth monsoon rains that soon flood the land, pulling the brutal beast in its swells. 

Mangog has the feel of an old world wrathful God; a biblical plague. As Ghengis Khan once said,” I am the Flail of God. Had you not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.” The Asgardians created this monstrous hate in years past and now this terrible vengeance is laid at the threshold of their glittering civilization. Mangog threatens the ruin of all by drawing the Odinsword and sparking the cosmic conflagration of Ragnarok. 

I wonder if Odin’s Sword will factor into Thor:Ragnarok movie in a couple of months…


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