Marvel Two-in-One 83

Marvel Two-in-One no.83, Jan 1982 from Marvel. Cover by Ron Wilson and Chic Stone. 

I remember reading the first introduction of Sasquatch in Uncanny X-men 120 by John Byrne and Chris Claremont. A shaggy and shadowed figure grabs a jumbo jet and throws it. Byrne drew this new Marvel strongman with massive arms. Hulk-like. What an original display of strength! My uncle (who got me into comics) and I instantly tried to estimate how strong he was. We couldn’t wait to see him go toe-to-toe with Colossus in the next issue. Could his strength even rival the Thing or Hulk?

Sasquatch as Canadian ambassador! Thing pits his strength against one of Marvel’s newest bruisers, who is aching for an adequate gauge of just how strong he is before they team up to face the evil Ranark. 

Also appearing in this celebrity extravaganza: Shaman from Alpha Flight, the Fantastic Four, and Giant-Man (Bill Foster), who is dying from radiation poisoning. Two-in-One? Nay, methinks eight-in-one wouldst befit this tale!


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