“The Tower of Death” Venus no.15

“Tower of Death” splash page from Venus no.17, Dec 1951 from pre-Marvel Atlas (indicia says Leading Comic Corp). Art by Bill Everett. 

This is a unique tale in a typical setting: a haunted old castle on the moorlands of England. One of the things that make this unique is the limited narration. The narrator never gives away plot details, only giving us added color of the scene and mood without providing any insight into the character of Lord Ethingwell. 

He believes the ghost is his step daughter who he says disappeared ten years ago on the night her mother died. He had her room sealed up out of respect for his wife’s wishes. Yes, red flags galore. 

Ethingwell contacted Venus because of her world-renowned interest in the supernatural. The story takes some twists and turns and has an odd ending that Bill seems to forget afterwords. Cathy would have made a nice addition as a regular or frequently recurring character.

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