“The Cartoonist’s Calamity” from Venus no.15

“The Catoonist’s Calamity” by Bill Everett from Venus no.15 from pre-Marvel Timely. This Golden Age classic of an artist’s fevered dream showcases Everett’s imagination and rendering skills. Timely’s Venus is one of the more unusual titles in comic history, evolving through each wave of comic fads from Teenage humor to sci-fi, from romance to horror. 

Not only is Everett’s storytelling on display, but he creates a legion of loony and creepy monsters as well as some of the best drawings of Venus. I also suspect that Everett lettered and colored this  story. He often letttered his work and sometimes did the coloring. Once again though, the printing did not do the colors justice, being slightly misregistered.

The heroic man draws from the Everett heritage of strongmen in black bathing trunks, such as the Sub-mariner and Amazing Man.

Too bad the title was cut short a few issues later. I think we would’ve seen more creativity like this from Everett’s brush. 


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