Lois Lane no.52, 1964

Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane no.52, Oct 1964. Lois was the first female character in comic books, appearing in Action Comics no.1 in 1938. Cover and all three stories drawn by Kurt Schaffenberger. 

“Lois Lane’s Pen-Pal Romance” has Lois going undercover to catch a swindler. She’s posing as a wealthy woman looking for romance and snares a suspect right away. When Superman shows up, he runs away, fueling Lois’ suspicions. 

“Lois Lane’s Love Trap!” Lois meets a nurse with the same name as her. Lois uses her usual ploys to help the nurse snare a man, but she gets off to a rough start. 

“The Truce” has Lana and Lois calling a truce when Illena shows up from another world to steal Superman’s heart.


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