Ms. Marvel no.1, 2006

Ms. Marvel no.1, May 2006 with an iconic cover by Frank Cho. “Best of the Best” by Brian Reed, Roberto De La Torre and Jimmy Palmiotti. Ms. Marvel was Marvel’s biggest response to the feminism movement. Her first series debuted in 1977, though she was written and drawn by men, and her costume, name, powers and origin were derived from Captain Marvel (the original was a man), she battled male and female villains and went toe-to-toe with J Jonah Jameson (he was her boss). After Chris Claremont took over writing, he had Dave Cockrum redesign a new costume, shown in this cover. She went through some tough times but now is a Marvel icon and soon will be featured in her own movie as Captain Marvel. Another post for International Women’s Day. Major Carol Danvers debuted in Marvel Super-Heroes 13 in 1968 as a USAF security officer and love interest to Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel.


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