Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet Box Set

Magnificent Infinity Gauntlet Box Set from Marvel
Received an early 🎁 for my b-day: Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet Box Set!! Twelve volumes of cosmic awesomeness that lay the groundwork for Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers: Infinity War. 
Infinity Gauntlet Background

Marvel asked Jim Starlin to create a Kirby-esque villain on par with Darkseid. He delivered Thanos, one of the best non-Kirby villains Marvel has ever had. 

Starlin also created the most deadly woman in the universe, Gamora, while refurbishing Warlock and Captain Marvel in the 70s. 

In Warlock 15, November 1976, Starlin gave Adam Warlock’s  Soul Gem a persona where the Gem informed Warlock “I am one of six. My mother was a star. My father was destruction.”

Warlock 15, Nov 1976. First mention of the Infinity Gems.

Almost 15 years later, he would realize the culmination of that vision in Infinity Gauntlet in 1990. What started out as a Silver Surfer storyline soon became one of Marvel’s most successful and beloved events ever. The success of this epic crossover led to Infinity Watch(1992-93), Infinity War(1992), and Infinity Crusade(1993), Avengers & the Infinity Gauntlet (2010), and Infinity Gauntlet (2015), all collected in this beautiful Box Set along with a whole lot more. 

Marvel published Infinity storylines for four straight years across a large swath of their line.

The Collection Design

Backside of the Infinity Gauntlet slipcase

Once again, Marvel does an outstanding job of slipcase design. 

Extremely well-packed in a shipper’s box from Diamond with an over box inside, with the box set snug in a foam frame, this collection of 12 books blew me away from the moment I opened it. 

I love the magnetized latch that they do on these. Marvel crafts packaging on these with an industrial design quality that rivals Apple. Every piece fits perfectly within such a tight tolerance. Similarly to other box sets I’ve reviewed, like Civil War and Star Wars, Marvel’s spine design is exceptional. The books line up with artwork and the Infinity logo across each spine, creating a powerful effect.

Spine artwork for Infinity Gauntlet Box Set

Gorgeous artwork from some of Marvel’s top artists in the 90s fills these books. Watch as Thanos rises from the dead and wrests the six Infinity Gems from the Elders of the Universe, all to eradicate half of all life in the universe as a profession of love to his lady, Death. All of Marvel’s heroes, along with a few villains, are arrayed against the Mad Titan. Includes Infinity War and Infinity Crusade, and a ton of crossover material and aftermath issues. Also includes a Infinity related What If?, What The– , and the 2015 Infinity Gauntlet series. Does not include the Hickman and Cheung series called Infinity. 

Gorgeous interior closure artwork

The Artists

Front cover of each volume

The Contents of the Twelve Volumes

Reverse side of each volume

I’ll try to post more images and a complete content listing later this week.

 Gauntlet: Prologue

440 pages


256 pages 

Gauntlet Crossovers

504 pages

Gauntlet Aftermath 

344 pages


264 pages

War Crossovers vol 1

552 pages 

War Crossovers vol 2

536 pages

War Aftermath

352 pages


488 pages

Crusade Crossovers vol 1

344 pages

Crusade Crossovers vol 2

352 pages

Gauntlet Companion

528 pages

And a cloth banner featuring the cover art for Infinity Gauntlet #1

The slipcase is listed at 12.5 x 17 x 20.5 inches, 39.9 lbs, and a total of an astounding 4960 pages. 


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