The Martian

The Martian is a hard science fiction movie. The film uses some technical and scientific jargon, but clarifies so that the viewer can easily understand the complex issues and solutions. The general intelligence of the characters in the show is formidable, but they are all given relatively down-to-earth, relatable personalities. The main character, Mark Watney… Read More The Martian

Recommended Supernatural Episodes for a Sensitive First-Timer

I’m not very sensitive, squeamish, or impressionable when it comes to intensity, violence, and gore (Supernatural has generous amounts of these). My mother, however, is. Still, I really wanted to share it with her because I thought that she would enjoy the parts without gore. So Feral Atom, road-sine, and I picked a few of… Read More Recommended Supernatural Episodes for a Sensitive First-Timer


The first season of the TV series Arrow was very enjoyable. It had good action (if a little unrealistic—there were several far-fetched moments where Oliver Queen, a normal dude, dodged bullets being shot from a handful of feet away), decent characterization, and interesting plots. However, as the show continued, it devolved into something of a soap… Read More Arrow