Atomic Age (Post-Code)

Even before the Comics Code was self-imposed on most publishers, many editors had lessened some of the violence in their titles. The Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era program was excellent for just this reason, being able to see changes in Lorna, Jungle Girl, Strange Tales, and Journey into Mystery in the months before the Code and the months immediately afterward.

Post-Code might not even be considered Horror by many. Many of the stories lacked tension and suspense, much less leaving the reader with any real sense of dread or terror. These tales were more often morality plays, mostly under science fiction and fantasy.

Though not as experimental, artwork could be quite good. Mechanically, artwork made another leap forward during this time and realism was favored above all else.

Occasionally, characters and plot rose above, nearly reaching the same heights as some of the more lauded tales of the previous era. Usually, the tales fell flat, ended abruptly, or became downright confusing, most likely because of last-minute editorial changes by staff artists.