Golden Age Horror

The Golden Age was like the Wild West of the American Frontier: few rules, fewer people to enforce those rules, claim as much territory as quickly as you can, and history will be written by the victors.

The works of Fletcher Hanks as horror could be a post on its own. The raw rage and twisted fury that festered in his troubled mind is evident by some truly strange tales. Fantomah’s stories crossed several genres: superhero, supernatural, jungle, and horror.

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Fletcher Hanks also had horror themes in Stardust the Super Wizard and had grotesque monsters in some of his sci-fi tales.

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Basil Wolverton developed a unique style with a disturbing and weird vibe, especially on Rockman in USA Comics and Spacehawk in Target Comics. After the war, Wolverton focused on humor comics, such as his Timely Comics hit, Powerhouse Pepper. In the 50s, Wolverton returned again to drawing horrific stories in the genre era of the Atomic Age of Horror where he produced some of his best work.

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Joe Simon & Jack Kirby provided powerful and eerie work on Blue Bolt, Fiery Mask and Captain America for Timely/Marvel. After departing Marvel for National/DC, they produced the oddball Sandman, among other titles.

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Timely/Marvel had several horrific adventures through Namor, Electroman, the Original Black Widow and especially the Angel.