Silver Age Horror

Though some historians might be tempted to start Silver Age horror at the time of the Comics Code, we offer up a starting point of Creepy #1 in 1964. Though technically a magazine, the Warren line draws much heritage from EC and Atlas horror from the pre-code days. Magazines weren’t covered by the Comics Code of Authority and promptlybrought back vampires and werewolves to the sequential art form.

Warren line (Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella)


Frazetta, Master of Horror

Silver Age Horror starts later with DC and Marvel, as they waited to see how successful the Warren line would be as well as gauging whether or not the public was over their vilification of comics as the source of all society’s ills. DC’s Silver Age of Horror begins with Joe Orlando’s tenure as Editor on House of Mystery in 1968. Marvel’s begins a few months later with the debut of Tower of Shadows in 1969.