“The Cartoonist’s Calamity” from Venus no.15

“The Catoonist’s Calamity” by Bill Everett from Venus no.15 from pre-Marvel Timely. This Golden Age classic of an artist’s fevered dream showcases Everett’s imagination and rendering skills. Timely’s Venus is one of the more unusual titles in comic history, evolving through each wave of comic fads from Teenage humor to sci-fi, from romance to horror. … Read More “The Cartoonist’s Calamity” from Venus no.15

Sub-Mariner: Imperius Rex, the First Flying Hero

  Marvel’s first character debuted in a special promotional called Motion Picture Funnies in April 1939. Creator Bill Everett repackaged the story and added new pages to fit the format Martin Goodman had in mind for Marvel Comics #1 in October 1939.   He was Marvel’s first hero (technically,  the original versions of The Human Torch,… Read More Sub-Mariner: Imperius Rex, the First Flying Hero