Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet Box Set

Received an early 🎁 for my b-day: Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet Box Set!! Twelve volumes of cosmic awesomeness that lay the groundwork for Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers: Infinity War.  Infinity Gauntlet Background Marvel asked Jim Starlin to create a Kirby-esque villain on par with Darkseid. He delivered Thanos, one of the best non-Kirby villains Marvel has… Read More Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet Box Set

“The Cartoonist’s Calamity” from Venus no.15

“The Catoonist’s Calamity” by Bill Everett from Venus no.15 from pre-Marvel Timely. This Golden Age classic of an artist’s fevered dream showcases Everett’s imagination and rendering skills. Timely’s Venus is one of the more unusual titles in comic history, evolving through each wave of comic fads from Teenage humor to sci-fi, from romance to horror. … Read More “The Cartoonist’s Calamity” from Venus no.15


Kirby 100, 100 Top Creators Celebrate Jack Kirby’s Greatest Work.  I just walked out my front door and found this package waiting to be opened. What a nice surprise and just in time to close out what would’ve been Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday.  This book is expertly crafted by Two Morrows Publishing (oddly marked as… Read More Kirby100