Avengers 83, 1970 – The Lady Liberators

John Buscema’s classic Liberators cover

Avengers no.83, Dec 1970, Marvel. Cover by John Buscema. 

Big John did some fantastic covers in this run. “The Revolution’s Fine” was a valiant attempt by Roy Thomas to tap into the building feminist movement by having the Avengers finest ladies joined by Medusa and introducing Valkyrie (kind of) to form the Lady Liberators to face off against the Avengers on the charge that they’re male chauvinists. Unfortunately, the feminist aspect falls a bit flat, but it’s still good fun. 

This type of issue underscores the boys club mentality of super-hero comics where the girls team up to defeat the boys. As it turns out, they were manipulated into attacking them and really don’t feel underappreciated and everything returns to the status quo by issue’s end.

As if the Avengers didn’t have their hands full enough with their women’s scorn, the latest incarnation of the Masters of Evil decides to invade Rutland, Vermont while a cosplay parade honoring the Avengers is taking place. Here’s to all the Lady Liberators that I know🤘


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